Welcome to the World of the Tokermon

From the cavernous void that is Tim Novak’s brain tumble colorful characters of highly imagined silliness.

Greetings… My name is Tim Novak and these are my drawings. I’ve always enjoyed drawing. I’ve found it is much more fun and the pen moves more freely when I draw things that don’t exist. Please view my other projects including Blisters Dice Game and the Yankee Inhaler.

During a low period, I used drawing to free up my mind and relax from the daily pressures of life. I started drawing these Tokermon characters as a response to the Pokemon phenomenon.  Once I started drawing the Tokermon I couldn’t stop.

Each Tokermon character is hand drawn using pen and ink.  I scan the images, clean them up a bit and then I add color.  I have minted the characters as NFTs and made them available as tee shirts and other merch for collectors and fans.  Buy Tokermon NFTs on OpenSea 

Enjoy flipping through a collection of my TOKERMON characters below:

Tokermon: Series 1

Tokermon: Series 2

Tokermon: Series 3

Tokermon: Series 4