Introducing THAX™

THAX™ is an easy to learn two player game of dice and stones. THAX™ features fast paced fun for the entire family, ages 5 and up.

Special 2022 Edition Thax™

Shortly after presenting Blisters™ Dice Game to Channel Craft Manufacturing, Tim Novak created Thax™. Tim developed this game as a contest he could play with his young daughter.

Past versions of THAX™

     THAX™ was designed to be adapted to any number of themes. Channel Craft Manufacturing and Distributing of Pennsylvania gave the original “THAX” a pirate motif, adding an X to the name. Thaxx™ used replica “shipwreck” coins and wood “plank” game board. The addictive gameplay is especially appealing to children with the added bonus of building their math skills.

COMING SOON… Two wood gameboard designs to choose from, each is hand printed and includes deluxe glass game pieces and dice.

Click HERE to view the THAX rules.